Shit like this always likes to happen at the most inconvenient of times. I have no date for the wedding I'm supposed to attend on Saturday and I don't want to take anyone that I don't care about. I always felt like weddings should be shared with someone you care about. Whether you're actually in the wedding, or just attending. I could just go wedding crashers style and scoop and score but I think I'll pass. I think I'm gonna go to Austin this weekend. Clear my head.
Crazy, my weekends are gonna be really weird now.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your break up and how awful you have felt lately. I'm sure I don't know exactly how you feel right now but I do know the pain that comes with something like that and how it makes you upset in so many ways that you don't if you're sad or mad or both and then you feel like you've just lost your mind. You don't want to deal with anyone in that position and you feel as if everyone after that is out for the same and can't be trusted or "let in". I hate to see you hurt even if we aren't close in that or any way. Someone with a good heart like you shouldn't have to feel this way. You're a wonderful man who deserves the best life has to offer even if it doesn't involve certain people you thought that it would. I hope you find a way to over come what happened and get to feeling better about it all. You can't help someone once they've made up their mind as much as that may suck to hear. I wish you the best and I know you're a strong level headed guy who will do big things.  

  2. Sorry for rambling I just thought you should know :)

  3. I'm the King of rambling so I don't mind. And thank you for your kind words.