Happy Birthday Siera!

Happy Birthday to my baby mama, congrats on graduating this year, and thanks for being one of my most trustworthy friends, even from afar. Hopefully 2012 will be kinder to both of us, Love You.


Street Art.

Morgan Farruya.

I used to be the biggest Facebook faggot. If I have any homosexual readers, I apologize for my words, and I don't mean it in that term but man was I a fucking douche. I would see a cute girl, click the ol' "add as friend button" and once my request was accepted, I'd take that as my cue to spit game. And 9 out of 10 times it'd work. Well friends, Morgan Farruya was that 1 out of 10. Let's take a stroll down memory lane shall we? I remember seeing this picture of Morgan on Symon's profile:
and thinking, "hey, that girl's cute". So of course, I did my usual routine, and waited for the accept. On that fateful day that my request got accepted, this viral owning took place for all to see.
What a douche right? And look at the gay ass smiley faces. Ew, embarrassing. Thankfully we were able to move pass the awkward ass introduction and become friends. Shortly after this, I began to follow Morgan's blog and came to discover what a truly interesting person Morgan is. In fact, she's one of the biggest inspirations behind my blog. So here I am, following this girl's blog for over a year now, and it feels like I actually know her. Except for the small fact that we'd never actually met. Well, all of that changed last night and I must say, Morgan is the same person (if not more interesting) that she is on her blog. I was kind of nervous that it might be kind of awkward, but I felt like I had known her for quite some time. Between stories of failed love lives and the "Songs for Simps" mixtape, there was a genuine connection. Am I saying this is my best friend? No. But what I am saying is that it's cool to meet a genuine person who is who they say they are. Someone that you know, right away, will be a good friend. That's hard to find in the virtual world we live in. Also, she's giving me a jacket. I don't care what the fuck kind of jacket it is, I think that's cool as fuck. And if you can't tell, I'm pretty excited as fuck.
Hate Sleeping Alone by Drake on Grooveshark


Louie Guzman = Genius.

So the other day I read a tweet by Louie Guzman (Renee from How to Make it in America) about making a stuffing omelet the morning after Thanksgiving. 
At first I was like

But then I was like, you know what, it might actually be good. So I tried it this morning and it was actually really good. 

I started by making the base of the omelet with eggs, a little milk, and some Tony's for seasoning.
Then I added my turkey and stuffing. 

At the last minute, I decided to go big and add some greens and of course, hot sauce. The result was amazing.

It was so good. After I finished I was like

Good call Lou, Good call.

The Knowing.

Mixtape: Friend of the People by Lupe Fiasco.

Double Burger with Cheese by Lupe Fiasco on Grooveshark
Yes, that's the actual cover.

Lupe's new mixtape, "Friend of the People" is finally here. As much as I love Lupe, I wasn't really too excited about this mixtape when I downloaded it. That was until I listened to the first track. I've only listened to it twice but the production on this mixtape is amazing. If you like dubstep as much as I do, you'll love all of the dubstep-y beats that are on this mixtape. Of course Lupe is never lacking and his flow fits these types of beats perfectly. After two listens, I'm already certain that this mixtape will definitely get it's share of plays on my ipod. Get it HERE.


i think i know what i want my second tattoo to be.
and im excited as fuck. 
this maybe temporary but i'm excited about what's next.

36 Days.


God puts us in places to see things to communicate messages that we wouldn't notice or otherwise listen to under normal circumstances because we're either too preoccupied or just too stubborn to listen.
If you keep up with my posts or tweets, you know that my beautiful best friend/sister/future wife Symon came to Texas to visit. So, I left Thursday night for Austin, partied there with Camila and her attractive voluptuous Indian and White friends, then left Friday evening for Houston. First off, Houston traffic can eat two dicks. That shit is horrible, and if you're from Houston God bless you because I don't know how you travel in that shit everyday. It's like Dallas x 20. Anyway, I get to Houston, scoop Symon from the Galleria and head to Falon's to get ready for her dinner. After meeting her rude ass roommate and her ratchet ass roommate, we made our way to Pappadeaux's. I'm gonna skip the fact that Symon, Adria, and I almost died a number of times trying to keep up with Speed Racer and get straight to the point.
We arrive at Pappadeaux's and low and behold, there is Falon exxxtra boo'd up with her boyfriend, Brandon. In light of recent events, I've made every attempt to not be around couples or people engaging in couple-y behavior so I was less than thrilled about being around this extra happy ass couple. As much as I wanted to be bitter, I couldn't. If you could see the aura around these two when they're together, it's so beautiful. Though we were in an intimate setting, it was like they're in their own bubble and everyone else was outside. And as much as I wanted to be, I couldn't be mad at that.
I don't know Falon as well as I know Symon, but one thing I do know is that Falon does not play. If she's thinking something, you can see it on her face before she even says it, and a lot of time she unintentionally has the "boo nigga!" look on her face. In short, if you don't know Falon, you will probably get the vibe that she doesn't like you, or she is about to whoop your ass, and neither could be further from the truth. She's actually a very nice girl. My point is, when she was around Brandon, I don't think I saw her with any other expression than a smile on her face. And it wasn't for show. You can't fake the chemistry that these two have together. I talked to Brandon for maybe 5 minutes while the girls went to the restroom and when Falon walked out, dude was in complete awe. I swear I heard "There Goes My Baby" by Usher when she approached the table. I can't even hate on that. That's love. Like I said before, I don't know Falon as well as I'd like to think I do, and all I know of Brandon is the little time that I spent at the table with him and what I've heard of him from Symon, but you can tell that these are two people that are passionate about each other. This man pulled out all the stops for Falon's birthday. He didn't have to spend crazy money, or get her the world, but it was the time and effort that he put into every detail to make sure that her birthday was special. I love that. I'm in no rush to get a girlfriend but man, when I do I'm going to do all of that and more. It's crazy how I'll think, or write things, and days, weeks, months later, I'll get an actual physical representation of my words. Find someone who is as passionate about you as you are about them. Find someone who appreciates you as much as you appreciate them.
Shoutout to my creeping skills for finding this picture of these two. I left my camera in the car at the restaurant and I didn't get any pics from the actual moment but you get the idea.