Black Men walking, with White Girls on they arms
I be mad at 'em, as if I know they Moms
Told to go beyond the surface, a person's a person
When we lessen our women our condition seems to worsen
The weary cursin' the sky
Talkin' to Themselves givin' the version of why help and hurt in they eye
I live across from it, some of it I do be in
I be showin' niggas lives like, UPN

It's Real People



Tomorrow's Payday.

Awe shit.

I Thought We Were Past This.

Every time I have a conversation with a black female and they ask what race my girlfriend is (Columbian and Argentinean if you must know) I get the "ha! typical." look or the remark, "oh, so you don't date black girls" or something close to that statement. This is the answer to your ignorant ass question.
I don't owe an explanation to you, or anyone else, but if you insist on an answer, there's your answer. Why do I date out of my race? Because I can. I've dated black women, white women, mexican women, asian women, brazilian women, italian women, you fucking name it. You do not "own" one race of men. This whole "the white girls are taking our good men" bullshit is retarded. There is more than one type of man. It's called opening your options and not making the same dumb ass decisions that a lot of your mothers made by sticking with one man who a lot of times either didn't stick around after their child was born, beat the shit out of them, or fucked everything with a vagina. If your "claim" is true, that there are no "good black men" then why not make the intelligent decision and go find a good man of a different race? If you like Ford trucks and I tell you that Ford has stopped making trucks, don't go get a Ford Escort dumbass. Look at a Chevy or a Dodge. You can't haul shit with an Escort. I'm tired of seeing my people make excuses for everything. 
Fuck excuses, find a solution.

Boss Ass Nigga.