So I know it's been forever now since the VMA's but I just now got around to blogging about it. This year, I would rate it a 2 out of 5 stars. And I give those two stars solely because Chelsea Handler was hosting. I love her and all of her sarcastic, asshole, idgaf humor.
I hate to say it, but the highlight of the entire VMA's was Mr. Beiber's performance.

Dude went in (for a 15 yr old (or however old he is)) and in my opinion, upstaged his mentor/big brother/master, Usher. Well done Beiber, well done.
Usher did okay too, but I think at this point in his career, he isn't really gonna do anything that we haven't already seen from him.

The sliding thing was kinda cool..

This performance was kinda awkward. I dunno why... I kinda dig Rihanna's 5 yr old meets Daria look. But something about the performance was just off...

Drake's performance was flat. I'm tired of your damn song and your over used sing-songy flow. SWITCH IT UP.
Excuse the absolute shit quality of this video.

  Kanye's performance... eh, I just wish he would have done a song that was more upbeat and got the crowd hype, instead of doing a song that was kinda like him coming out with his tail between his legs and acknowledging he's an asshole. THAT'S WHY AMERICA LOVES YOU. Be you. You'v apologized to the girl now move on. The beat is dope. Nice to see Pusha get some spotlight. That's it.

2010 VMA's summed up in one word: "eh."

2010 VMA's best dressed:
I'm not even tryna dickride dude but his outfit was on point. Whoever his stylist is did a Good Ass Job.

I see you JT. I guess the Justins cleaned up this year in the style department.

Worst Dressed:
Really? Like really? Wtf is this fuckery? No sir. Just... no.


Realest nigga in it.

"I mean James Dean couldn't escape the allure, dying young leaving a good lookin' corpse"
- Jay-Z

I wanna do something rebellious.

I'm reeeeally thinking about getting a dope ass half-sleeve. I've been thinking about it forever now, I just don't know if I have the cuh-hone-ehs to do it... Maybe one day... I need a reeeeally dope design though... ideas?


Remember this?

This is one of my all-time favorite songs.

Like ever.

In life.

Hi haters I'm back off hiatus

I was on a brief hiatus due to my computer catching swine flu. I had to due a total re-boot so I lost everything :(
Oh well, it kinda feels good to start brand new. I'll probably post more tonight.



This is kinda dope.

There are some people who inspire me by simply being them.

Believe it or not, that's a really hard thing to do. My homie/sister/female me Symon is one of those people. It's ironic how I met the realest person I know through one of the fakest people I know. I still remember meeting Symon and (she swears she didn't but I KNOW she did) she gave me the "nigga wtf" look. Come to think of it, so did Adria and Falon.. but that's another story. The "nigga wtf look" is actually similar to the look above, but not quite. Anyway, Symon was one of the only people I knew in Austin but after a few conversations about rap (Kanye), me being converted (Cudi), and the NBA (LeBron), we became really good friends.
  I respect Symon's hustle because she does shit and she doesn't change for ANYONE. A lot of people say that, but few actually live it. I feel like everyone, especially when they're younger, does so much shit to "fit in" or to "be accepted", especially in the world of entertainment/fashion/music. And though she's still a rookie, she is still true to herself and those who are around her. It sucks that she'll probably be in LA by the time I'm back in Austin but I know she's gonna tear shit up there and I wish nothing but the best for her.
  Real recognize Real and you lookin' reeeal familiar. Love you babygirl!


At exactly 12:00am this little fellow will turn 18 years old.

Weird. I'm still used to calling my little brother my "little brother". He's quickly approaching plain "brother" status. You know what, f*ck that, I'm still calling him "little brother" whether he likes it or not. Me and this kid have been through soooo much together. He is one of the most kind, giving people I know. He has always done whatever he could to help me. Whether it was me laying on the couch being lazy and saying, "Hey Trevor, get me something to drink" or me saying, "Hey Trevor, ask mom if we can >insert something that I was too scared to ask myself here<, or him buying me a really cool pair of shoes for my birthday, he has always gone out of his way to do whatever he can for me. I couldn't ask for a better little brother. It's funny how he's gone from being my worst enemy (we used to fight eeeverydaaay) to my bestfriend. He and I can just chill at home and have a blast. It doesn't matter if we're just watching TV, or making stupid music videos, or just talking about random bullshit, we still have fun doing it. It's funny how he's gone from being the brother that I hated taking along with me to places, to the brother that I really don't mind bringing along. In fact, I would rather bring him. I am so proud of him for remaining true to himself through these four years of high school. I am completely blown away by the improvement that he's shown with his art and I pray to God that does something with it after high school. If you're reading, I love you kiddo and keep it up.

New Cudder.

I'm reeeeally feelin' Cudi's new material.


and she's funny.

It's FINALLY here!