We up by 50 Cent  ft. Kendrick Lamar & Kidd Kidd on Grooveshark

"Visualized everything I needed and dreamed
Penalized every hoe nigga that have a scheme
Guns in your video gets you locked in the beam
Me, I'll kill a nigga quick, no worries, my record clean
Murder one become manslaughter soon as they brought up
Charity work, parkin tickets, and no charges
Fuck nigga, you fucked over your father when he gave you a dick, 
Shoulda been a bitch in pajamas. 
I made my first million fuckin' dollars 
Bought a Bible, aw yeaaah, God got me 
Made my second million dollars, bought a choppa and binoculars 
I'm scared, this shit don't happen to everybody! 
I'm on Instagram lookin' at ya favorite singer 
Debatin' on should I fuck or jump on her single 
20 thou' she got a hell of a ad-lib 
I'm in her mouth like I knew it can have kids"

K Dot


Fort Worth Modern Art Museum.

So happy I finally got to see my favorite piece, Companion (Passing Through) in person. There's something about seeing art in person, literally inches away from my fingertips that refreshes me. I think it's the fact that for a few minutes my mind can forget about everything else and just be. My favorite thing about art is that sometimes there's nothing to "get". Sometimes things are what they are just because. There doesn't have to be a reason. Once you realize that about art, you can truly saturate yourself in it and enjoy it the way that it's supposed to be enjoyed. Thankful.