Mafia Style.

By the time you read this letter, you're head gon' fly off ya' shoulders for lyin'. And Imma be in bed like hold' this.
Blood from a horse on ya' spread, you tried to play me? Now I'm coughin' up dough on ya' head, you just a baby.

Rakewon's verse on this song is so gully. It's ridiculous how underrated he is.


Someone was listening.

This is why I love Siera.

Frank Ocean.

 Frank Ocean - American Wedding by mixtapemaestro
Click the picture to download Frank's new mixtape "Nostalgia, Ultra". It's amazing.

Meet George and Carol.

Not their real names, but that's what I've named them.
  I feel like your significant other should be your best friend. These two look like best friends don't they? We say that so often yet have you ever really thought about it? I mean, I'm the first person to say that looks (at least to me) play a really big part in a relationship. I mean, who doesn't want an extremely attractive mate? But eventually those looks fade. Those boobs that he probably loved oh so much, eventually began to droop. Those two juicy hams on her backside eventually turned to mashed potatoes. And that beautiful, flawless skin that she had, eventually became wrinkly and translucent; Showing all the veins that keep her sedulous heart pumping.

  Their sex life, as well as their sex drive has probably decreased, if existent at all. So what now? They live life as friends. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing old people in love. If you think about it, they started as friends, going on dates, having long talks over coffee or maybe a walk in the park. And then maybe one day, or night, after a wonderful evening at the movies, George walked Carol to her door, where he finally mustered up the courage to kiss her. Years later, after college, George proposed and they got married. Their first four years were their most adventurous. George did well at work, as did Carol, they went on lots of crazy road trips in their new convertible, and their sex life was amazing.
  The fifth year of their marriage Carol became pregnant. With twins! Bye bye convertible, hello Cadillac. With Carol home taking care of the kids, George worked longer hours and that meant less time with Carol and their boys. But Carol waited up every night to see George. He got home just in time to tell Kyle and Bradley goodnight and eat dinner with Carol before bed. It felt like the kids were growing so fast. They were now in high school, doing very well in sports and both had girlfriends. They shared a car and worked at the grocery store on weekends. They looked handsome on prom night and George and Carol were never more proud than they were on graduation day.
  Things really slowed down once the boys left for college. Carol really got into scrap booking with some of the ladies from church and George went bowling every Tuesday night with some guys from work. Fridays were their date nights. They would get dressed up and Carol got to pick where they would go out to eat. Some nights they would even go dancing like they used to.
  The boys are both married now. Their grandkids are amazing. So much life, so much to learn. They spoil them every chance they get. Kyle and Bradley visit twice about twice an month, and they've matured into great fathers.
  George has been retired for a while now. He and Carol spend a lot of time together. They go on walks in the park, have conversations over coffee, and they'll occasionally go catch a movie. They've lived an amazing life. They've seen in come full circle, and it's beautiful.
I like to make up corny stories like this one for old people whenever I see them out together.

   It's always been amazing to me that every facet of life works in a circle. Things always end just as they began. And to me, that's how a successful relationship should be.

All three please.



I'm so proud of my nigga Big Sean.

Sometimes I want to ask God why..

Why does this happen? I know this has all been forecasted in the Bible, but why?

Just a few videos of what's going on in Japan right now..

My heart and prayers go out to those in Japan and those effected by this disaster.



Swag Me The Fuck Out.

Lmao forever at Falon in the background lookin' like Uncle Mervin. 

It's Been 15 Years.

This is a list of my all-time favorite Biggie songs. Enjoy.

You were the best to ever do it. It's a shame that you died at only 24 years old. You were a genius, a trend setter, the Mohammed Ali of Hip-Hop. Even if you were doing a feature or just the hook on a song, you had a way of stealing the show. You are what Michael Jordan was to basketball. Just like him, you weren't the inventor of the game, but you are the person that made everyone want to play it. You brought your own style and flair. I would have loved to hear you and Talib on a track. Or on a 9th Wonder or a Just Blaze Beat. Or to hear the things that you could have done with the instrumentals from "The Blueprint". What could have been. It's sad that the only way for people to really appreciate and realize the greatness of your music was through your passing. But your legacy lives on through your music, and it always will. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the music. Thanks for Hip-Hop. Baybeh-Baaaybeh.