I had some deep as conversations with some homies yesterday about women. It's crazy that the niggas that are the biggest players, the biggest woman haters, all stem from being hurt by women. I know that this is the general consensus about all players, I mean hell, that is what made me the way I am. But the dudes that I thought were 100% bulletproof, even those niggas were blindsided. Crazy how things work.
I don't understand how someone can tell you that they are making an exception for you, they are allowing you into an area that is usually roped off, all they ask you to do is not break anything, and you pull out a mallet and break everything. Not one single, solitary piece left undamaged. And I'm just supposed to be okay the next day? I literally want to die right now. Like, I kid you not, if there was a such thing as temporary death, I would order ten of them shits. I hope my attempt at bringing humor to tragedy is working. But honestly, I hate this.
Angels create Demons.

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