Nasir Jones.

This Almost Made Me Tear Up.

It's things like this that show us what life is really about. This guy is in love with his daughter. You can see it. Sure there's a camera there, but that type of emotion can't be faked. What I love most is the fact that this guy is covered in tattoos, but to Vegas he's just Daddy. He's not a monster or a thug, or a freak. Just Daddy. Shoutout to Eddie for the amazing video.



I love this beat so much.

Pictures From Krysta's 21st.

I told you guys a little about the amazing weekend I had in Austin at the boat party a while ago. Here are a few pics from one of the best weekends of my life. More to come.

 Becky somehow managed to write "I love that Becky" on everyone without them noticing. Even me.
 Rasha lookin' fiiine.
 Don't remember taking this. At all.

 Three Musketeers.

 I had to represent. That's not my car though.

I don't remember if this was pre or post body shots.
 Yes, that's a top in her hand.

 Look Ma, No Hands

 Urban Outfitters Summer Lookbook 2011.
I miss this weekend already. *Sigh*

She's So Pretty To Me.

Easily my favorite female artist of the moment. If you haven't copped her album "21" yet, get it. Amazingness.



I wish there was a pause button on life. A button that allowed us to stop everything around us, that allowed us to look around and take everything in. There are times, usually listening to music or right before I fall asleep, that I find myself replaying scenes from my life over in my head. I wish that in those moments I would have stopped and completely absorbed everything down to the very last detail. The smell, the clothes I wore, the weather, the taste, the feeling. It's those moments, those feelings, that we take for granted. Some of which we may never be able to get back. There are some moments that I have tried and tried to re-live, but it's just not the same. A moment that I never knew I held so dear to me until the moment had already passed. 
Gone forever. 

Andrea Joseph.

All done with ball point pen.