It's funny

how I used to haaate being a homebody. But the more I grow up and mature I realize that these are the times to cherish the most.

Right now I'm chillin on the couch with my mom. She's flipping back and forth between "Who's Your Caddy" and these hooorible Lifetime movies. About 3 years ago in this scenario I would have been searching for a gun to put me out of my misery, but now I am perfectly content with it. To be able to just "be" in the same room with the woman who's had my back, right or wrong, my entire life... It's nice. It's funny how the roles have changed from me being her baby and her watching out for me, to me watching out for her.


Everyone make sure you give your mom a big ol' hug today.



Anything this nigga does is dope. ANYTHING. This shit is probably just a scrap from the album but without even trying, it sounds amazing. I cant waaaait!

Where are you Yeezy?



I felt like the name of my last blog was too hard to remember. Well, not the name itself but how many "e's" were in it.

Hell, I forgot too lol. Anyway, new blog, last change I sweaaar.