Shoutout to Morgan.

Funniest Shit Ever.


Thanks sister.

Christmas is almost over :(

It's 11:44pm and there are officially 16 minutes of Christmas left. Bummer.

I get to my mom's around 5:00pm. From there my little brother and I get in my beastly VW Jetta and brave the wrath of Poseidon to go pick-up his girlfriend and then Natasha. Once all the estrogen was obtained we made our way to the Gaylord Texan to see the Charlie Brown ice show.It was so good to be able to see my cousins (all 238370 of them) and my little sister. After being equipped with giant blue parkas with NO pockets (wtf?) we watched an informational movie on how all the sculptures were flown in from China to make these amazing sculptures from ice that took 3 months to freeze. This isn't the exact video that we watched, but it gives you a little insight as to how the whole thing came about. Excuse the seals talking.

Here are a few pics from my shitty camera phone:

 The ice slide was lame. Had to push yourself and shit -_-
 The homie PigPen cleaned himself up.
 Snoopy always passes out on top of his house after too much partying.
 Token black guy.

Ice cave was dope.

All in all it was a good night. It was cold as fuck though. I was checking to see if my nose was still on my face when we came out. No Michael Jackson. Afterward, I dropped both vaginas off and went home with all intentions of baking cookies, but momma's couch had other things in mind. As soon as I sat down, my eyes followed and the cookies were a no-go. 

I really hate doing this, but due to time constraints I have to cut this post short. I'll blog the remainder of my Christmas stories tomorrow. Hope you guys had a good one.


This is for Natasha.

Happy 1st Day of Winter.

I used to bang this like craaazy.

My personal favorites are:

- Jump Rope
- The Art of Noise
- Broadcasting Live
- Weekend Girls
- Summer Vacations
- Wise Words by GLC. This isn't actually a song but when this nigga said "you needa disperse with them pet monkeys" I shit myself.

Cool Kids staaay gettin' slept on. For the most part they don't talk about shit but with Chuck English's raspy ass voice and dope ass beats, along with the "I'm cool and don't give a fuck" vibe of Mikey Rocks, the shit just works.


Shoutout to my sisterrr

I swear this girl staaays grindin'. To be honest with you this song isn't really my steez but I've watched this video about 4 times just to see my girl (2:23 mark) straight shittin' on the ratchet ass hoes in this video. Biggest smile ever on my face right now. I love you baby girl, this is a mere stepping stone to the places you're going.

                                                                         -Big Bro 


Whatchu gon' do now, it's TrentTrizzy and JustNorman.

To discover what's new in music and fashion, along with some witty insight on the life of a young black college student, check out the homie Eddie Clark's blog.


things used to be. now they're not.
anything but us is who we are-

disguising ourselves as secret lovers
we've become public enemies.

we walk away like strangers in the street
gone for eternity, we erase one another.

so far from where we came
with so much of everything, how do we leave with nothing?

lack of visual empathy equates the meaning of L.O.V.E
hatred and attitude tear us entirely.


Do's and Don'ts

1) Do own a suit.
A well fitting suit. Even if you don't go to church, or business meetings, or formal dinners. Own a suit. And not a cheap electric blue zoot suit. A nice black, grey, or tan should do the trick. Women love men in a suit and you'll love the way you feel in a suit.

2) Don't be the person who's always negative.
No one likes to be around negative people. Negativity can be talking about others constantly, complaining about work, people, or life in general, or just being a straight douche to everyone around. Negativity is contagious. If you have nothing nice to say.. You know the rest.

3) Do expand your musical horizons.
It's good to have a diverse musical pallet. You don't have to love all music but I feel like you should at least respect other genres and learn a little bit about why people are fans of that type of music. It also helps you to realize that there are subgenres for just about every genre of music, which helps break stereotypes of different types of music. (Ex: Though Jay Electronica and Lil Boosie would both be classified as "hip-hop", Lil Boosie is hardly comparable to Jay Electronica.) Pandora.com is a good place to start if you don't know where to begin.

4) Don't take the last of anything if it's not yours.
Believe me, there is no better way to piss a roommate, friend, or a complete stranger off than by breaking this rule. It will make people hate you. Yes, HATE you.

5) Do know how to match your clothes.
I'm not saying you have to look like you're straight out of GQ but if you're wearing a a suit and your tie is brown, then you should probably wear some brown shoes and a brown belt to bring your look together. And make sure your browns match!

6) Don't tExT or TyPe anythiinq lyke diss ever.

7) Do use manners.
Say please, thank you, "excuse me?" instead of "huh?", and always hold a door for a woman. With chivalry on life support, this is sure to help you stand out among others.

8) Don't wear Ed Hardy, Affliction, TapOut, or any other gaudy skull, tiger, or cross covered shirts.
It screams Jersey Shore and 9 out of 10 people will probably think you're a douchebag.

9) Do know the importance of details.
A simple necklace or watch can take your outfit from a 6 to a 10 in a matter of seconds. A lot of times my accessories cost more than an outfit I wear. Layering is also important. I can wear a pair of jeans and a v-neck and look average or I can wear those same jeans with the same v-neck, put on a cardigan and a light jacket with a cool necklace and have a well assembled look that only took an extra 3 minutes. It's not about taking 2 hours to get dressed, it's about looking like it took 2 hours to get dressed.

10) Don't let them see you sweat.
Even if everything's going to shit, never let people see it. When you freak out is when everyone freaks out. I learned this at work. The minute I get ruffled is when my head chef freaks and all hell breaks loose. Even if you aren't in control, act as if you are until you get things under control.

11) Do leave before the party is over.
When has it ever been a good thing to be one of the last ones around? Woohoo! You get to help take care of all the drunk people. Afterwards you get to try to find a couch to pass out on, or convince a girl, who is two Jack 'n The Box tacos away from vomiting everywhere, to go home with you. Neither sound very promising. This goes for dead end jobs, broken relationships, and friendships as well. Always leave while the party is still going on, otherwise you're left to clean up a mess you didn't make and it's usually not much fun once everyone's left.

12) Don't let people know what your weaknesses are.
You tell a girl who you don't like and things don't work out between the two of you, guess who she's talking to next? You let a guy know what you're most self-conscious about and you two get into an argument and you want to leave, guess what he's throwing in your face to make you stay? What's your weakness? You have none. Or at least that's what everyone else should think.

13) Do ask for help.
Don't know cook something? Ask someone who does. Don't know how to approach women? Ask someone who's good at it. Don't know how to dress? Ask a woman at Express or another trendy place to dress you. The hardest part is asking.

14) Don't be stubborn.
I have seen far too many friendships and relationships fall apart because individuals have been far too bone headed to say, "Hey, my bad, I'm sorry." It's better to lose your pride for someone important than to lose someone important over useless pride.

15) Do exercise.
I'm not saying you have to be hardcore or go to the gym 7 days a week but at least do some form of exercise 3 days a week. Do you want to be the fat guy/gal at your high school reunion? Do you want to be the fat parent at your kids events for school? Start now.

That's it for now. Hope some of this was helpful.

I'm convinced

the only thing this man can't do is get a girlfriend.



it's funny

that I have no issue with being alone, yet the past few posts where I've actually really written have all been about love. Does that mean I'm lying to myself? Sure there are people that I could see myself in a relationship with but I'm so scared to mess things up. The good foundation of a relationship is friendship right? So why chance messing up a perfectly good friendship? But if that's how I choose to think about it, how will I ever be in a relationship again? Will I ever be in a relationship again? Am I ready for that? Can i commit to that? Can the other person commit to that? I just got the news that two close friends of mine ended their engagement. They were to me what Corey and Topanga were to kids in the late 90's, what Pam and Jim from The Office are to me now. How am I supposed to be sure that things can last between me and another person if those two fell a part?  How do I know if I'm being taken advantage of? What if I jumped into this too quick? So many questions, not enough answers.

I wish God responded sooner than later.

I thought I was apart of your real life?

Up In The Air.


I'm still alive

just uninspired lately. As predicted last week, Music Monday will be postponed this week. Le Blah.



sounds unfinished.

I've been saying this forever.

Music Mondays: Jaydiohead

I'm horrible at doing re-occurring things like this, but I'll attempt to share some of my favorite music (be it artist, producer, band, classical pieces, etc.) with you and attempt to share a little history behind it. This history will more than likely be pulled from Wikipedia, not only because I'm lazy, but also because Wikipedia tends to be more informative than I.

Jaydiohead - Jay-Z x Radiohead by Max Tannone
Jaydiohead - The Encore by Max Tannone

I don't remember exactly when I first heard Jaydiohead, I only remember that I wasn't instantly a fan after the first listen. Nor the second listen for that matter. Everyone knows I'm a huge Jay-Z fan, but I knew nothing about Radiohead, and honestly I didn't care to know much more about them. It wasn't until I heard Karma Police later and began to become more familiar with their music that I became a fan of Radiohead. Once I became a fan of both artists, Jaydiohead was like when I saw Super Friends for the first time as a 7 year old.
Orgasm and a half.
I love the fact that Max Tannone took this project seriously and went through the rigorous task of making sure both Jay and Thome York's vocals matched each track perfectly, as if they were in the studio together making each song. To me, that's what separates this from the thousands of bullshit "mashups" that people put on the internet using FruityLoops and other low budget bullshit editing software. Okay, enough of my babble, here's the interesting stuff.

This is all paper cut-outs by the way.