Thanks Symon

for making me shit myself laughing at this.

I didn't really shit myself.

Almost though.

Sho' Ya' Right

Francis and the Lights

Success is what you make it, take it how it come
A half a mill' in 20's, like a billion where I'm from
An arrogant drug dealer, the legend I've become
CNN said I'll be dead by 21
Blackjack, I just pulled in aces
You lookin' at the King in his face
Everything I dreamed muthafuckas I'm watchin' take shape
While to you I'm just a young rich nigga that lacks faith
Still move a bird like I'm in bed with mother goose
Them hoes come in a baker's dozen
Claimin' they was with me when they know they really wasn't
I keep the city's best, never said she was the brightest
So if you had it too it don't effect me in the slightest
I never met a bitch that didn't need a little guidance
So I dismiss her past until she disappoints your highness

I speak the gospelhostel,
Tony doin' time for what he did to nostrils
Paranoid mind, I'm still under the watchful
Eye of the law, Aspire for more
Them kilos came we gave you Bobby Brown jaw
Flaws ain't flaws when it's you that make the calls
Flow similar to the Legend of the Fall
Spillin'. I own you all.




I called myself tryna participate in this whole "No Shave November" fuckery and this is all I have to show for it 3 days before the damn month ends. #EPICFAIL #FUCKINRIDICULOUS 

Shoutout to the "color temperature" feature for making me not look like Edward Cullen.
This cold weather done DeeBo'd my skin of what little tan it had.

I'll blog later about my Thanksgiving and what new toy I got.

Err'body wanna be king till' shots ring and ya' layin' on a balcony with holes in ya' dream

2 weeks later

and this album still amazes me.


When the months change

so do my love point of views - Cudi

This is so true. For me at least. I remember being at Chili's with my friends Kami and Caitlen and briefly talking about this.
I feel like my relationships change with the seasons. 
I've always associated Fall with falling in love. I guess it goes back to the very first girlfriend I had... I still remember meeting her, and we didn't actually become "official" until Fall. The feeling of wearing sweaters, holding hands, the leaves crunching beneath our feet as we walk.. I love fall.
I loved  fall.

Winter is when the relationship reaches it's peak. Jackets go on, waiting for the car to heat up. Drinking hot chocolate. Laying in bed and watching movies for hours on end. Watching her face light up as she opens my Christmas gift. The cold air hitting our faces. The New Years Kiss... This is where I want to be. I love it here.

Spring is when little things come up. Nagging. Arguments.. Arguments about stupid shit. Arguments about major shit. You're smothering me. I need room. I need air. Other girls never seemed more attractive. They don't nag.. They don't argue. They don't care. They just wanna have fun. So do I. Where did the fun go? When did everything become so serious? Such a struggle.. Things are so hard.
Summer is when it's over. I can't tolerate it anymore. I've given it enough time. Things are the same. I dread your text messages, and your calls even more. Let me go. Stop making this so hard. You see it too, but you'd rather just pretend nothing is coming. I can't pretend anymore. I can't worry about my family and the other relationships that are at stake. I have to think about myself. I can't go back. I won't go back. I'm sorry. I'm free.



i wanna blog reeeeal bad right now but my internet is being homosexual and won't allow me to use my computer to it's full capabilities. So, here are some bullets:

- I haven't copped the Kanye album yet, but I will tomorrow.
- I will NOT be home for Thanksgiving -___- fuck work.
- I got some music fo' that ass.
- Natasha I'm aaalmost finished baby girl :)



"You're probably my most interesting Facebook friend."

I didn't know if that was sarcasm or truth spewing from the mouth of a co-worker. Turns out it was the latter.

She then went on to say how I always have interesting things to say and how she liked reading my blog. I then muttered something like "thanks", and walked away awkwardly. I have never been able to accept compliments properly. I don't know if I disguised it well but I had the biggest inner smile from those words. More about my blog than Facebook. I didn't know anyone outside of the 8 people that follow me on here read this thing. 

Shoutout to Brittany for the shoutout :) (she actually demanded a shoutout, but she's still cool)

Jay > Your Life.

There is a girl

that I so desperately want to make my girlfriend.

I don't know if she reads this or not.

But yeah, it's weird.. I mean... I'm not gonna lie and say that I don't talk to other people. Or that I'm not a flirt..

But I would honestly drop every last girl that I flirt with or talk to for her.

She's flawless.. And every time I see her I fight the urge to smile reeeally big and run and give her a big hug.

I can't do that... It's not "cool"... nor is it "Trent". I should win an Oscar.

I think I like her because she makes me feel like I make other girls feel. Or because I still don't know eeeverything about her. Just that she snores..and she likes chocolate cake... and she looks amazing without makeup. And she likes infomericals. Ha.

I'm just thinking out loud... this will probably be erased once I wake up and realize that I sound so vulnerable.



i dig this

Random Fact #1

I decided I'm gonna start doing random facts about myself. The most random of facts that will tell you a little bit about me.

Random fact #1:

i HATE pumping gas. it is by far one of the biggest wastes of time ever. It always happens when I'm in a rush somewhere, or running late. It's like my car is saying, "Oh you have somehere to be? Running late? Well guess what.. I'M THIRSTY MOTHERFUCKER, so pull over and get me something to drink riiight now or I'm gonna stop right here and not go anywhere". Especially when it's cold outside. I gotta stand outside at the slowest gas pump ever invented and wait 5 minutes to get $5 worth of gas. Fuck gas, electric aaaall the way.
i need to get to work. 

like yesterday.

I can't wait to own this.

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Man On The Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager

So, I've been aaaanxiously awaiting the the release of Kid Cudi's newest installment of his Man on The Moon series. I didn't have to money to cop it on Tuesday, November 9th, when it dropped, so I got it on Friday, November 12th. I'm very aware that the CD leaked about two weeks prior, but when it's one of the handful of artists' music that I truly respect, I choose to wait until the release date. I hate ruining surprises.  First I went to Best Buy because it's right down the street. I get inside, search aaall around, ask 3 associates, and the fuckers don't have it. They aren't soldout, they DON'T HAVE IT. HOW DO YOU NOT HAVE THIS CD? I leave in utter disgust and drive to Target, and of course, they have it. Oh, and don't let that $13.99 sticker up there fool you, it was a whopping $9.99. I unwrap the CD faster than Paris Hilton unwrapping a condom, and shove the CD into my CD player. What takes place for the next hour or so can only be described as phenomenal.

Kid Cudi has been on quite a trip this past year. From being arrested for possession of cocaine, to becoming a father, Scott Mescudi has definitely endured some changes. At least one positive that came from these turbulent times was this album.
 To me, this album embodies everything that music should be. With Emile handling the majority of production, and Cudi's stoner storytelling harmonizing perfectly with each beat, each track feels like a story. On opening track "Scott Mescudi vs. The World", Cudi grabs the listener by the hand and takes him through the speakers and into his world with his opening line:
 "What up? How's everyone doing? You are now in the world I'm ruling". Cee-lo's whole "gospel meets star trek" vibe was a great touch for the hook.
"Please Don't Play This Song" gives us a shockingly honest look at Cudi's life with lines like:
"My mom's calling, think I should hit decline, I'm numb-faced while I'm thinkin' 'bout suicide." And with a hook that echoes:
"Wanna know what this sounds like when I'm not on drugs? Please please dont play this song... People think they're really being helpful, telling me please be careful, Yeah right." It's this same emotion that has earned Cudi's music the title of "emo hip-hop". Emo stands for emotional right? Is music not supposed to be about emotion? Cudi is one of the best at putting his emotions into words and making it flow beautifully with music.

When I first saw this video I thought I was gonna be let down by this album. When he said that he had songs like "Marijuana" that only had one verse and then some music, I was thinking that this would be a lazy ass album that he scrapped together just to make some money. But after thoroughly listening to the album, I get what he's talking about. Marijuana is one of the best weed songs I've heard in my life. If you replaced the word marijuana with a name of a person, you would swear this was a ballad to a beautiful young lady. The haunting instrumental is beautifully offset by the thrashing of the guitar, but then tied together with the mellow crooning of Cudi. One of my favorites.

Well shit... they're all my favorites..

On "Mojo So Dope", Cudi effortlessly switches between telling you how many fucks he could give about your lifestyle and telling you about his troubles with his own life as well as his family members over a cool soothing beat, one of my favorites by Emile.
"Ashin' Kusher", "REVOFEV", and "Erase Me" are three noticeably bright breaks from an otherwise dark album. All are great songs, but dark Cudi is my favorite Cudi.
"Wylin' Cause I'm Young" is easily one of the most infectious beats on the album. We find Cudi speeding in his coupe on the way to the club, where he does cocaine and "rages" while getting sloppy drunk, before disappearing to a tropical location with a freak.

"These Worries" is probably the creepiest song on the album. It's eerie to me how fun and vivid Cudi makes it to sing along with him about his life of cocaine and alcoholism. Each verse begins with the sound of a sniff of cocaine before Cudi races into verses like:
"Yeah, the crazy the wizard, so much whiskey all in my liver... I really like the punch it delivers, makes me warm while I high-five sinners." Mary J. Blige was a great touch to both this song, and "Don't Play This Song". Usually I feel like she overpowers songs, but on a beat this epic, a powerful voice such as hers helps to tame the instrumental.
 "The End" is a lazy beat with a soulful hook by Nicole Ray. GLC and Chip The Ripper are along for the ride, and each rapper adds their own element to such a unique beat. This is a beat that begs to be blasted in a Cadillac while cruising around town. Cudi comes through at the end, riding the beat with a flare that finishes the song perfectly.
"All Along" is probably my favorite song, sentiment wise. We find Scott Mescudi, not KiD CuDi, taking a good long look at himself and truely baring his soul with us. With lyrics like:
"I don't want what I need, What I need hates me." And a hook that simply states:
"All along, all along, I guess I'm meant to be alone... out here on my own."
The beauty of this song is in it's simplicity. Kid Cudi bearing his soul, and a beautiful orchestra as his backdrop. Perfection.
"GHOST!" is a song that shows how far Scott has matured as a person. He begins the opening verse:
"Gotta get it, through my big head, I was so close to being dead." The eerie, weird, off-kilter beat on this song is almost annoying, but somehow works. I love when producers take risks.

All in all, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that this is the Album of the Year. I won't say best Hip-Hop album because 1) I dont think Kid Cudi is Hip-Hop. I don't know what exactly he is, but he's definitely not Hip-Hop. He's an amazing artist, but I don't consider him a rapper, and 2) I think it would be horrible to put him in one box by categorizing him when his music incorporates so many different sounds and elements. Like I said, this is what music should be. This album is so raw, so true, so different, so unapologetic, so UNradio, it's what we need more of. It is a movie in audio form that leaves you feeling like you truly know Scott Mescudi and have somehow been along for the ride as he's battled all of these demons. I absolutely LOVE this album and if anything, it abundantly exceeded my expectations. If you haven't bought this album yet, BUY it.

Well done Scott, well done.



I smell TROUBLE.

Big Sean  and J. Cole smaaaaashed this. Gah damn.

"I'm just a westsiiide lover, I leave females in my sheets and all my feelings in a rubber." - Big Sean

"Talkin' hard but y'all still ain't push me, they say you are what you eat and I still aint pussy..."
"Fuck it, e'rrbody can get it... When you this hot, e'rrbody's a critic... When you this hot e'rrbody's a midget" - J. Cole


Been jammin this shit like crazy here lately

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Shoutout to Big Sean for the coolest/funniest "rapper dance". Some niggas look awkward as fuck when they try to dance. *DEAD* @ the slo-mo dougie.



So I call my little brother yesterday

(he's 18, but I'll always call him my little brother) just to see how he's doing, see how life's treating him and shit, you know.. and he starts telling me about how this week has just been a long week for him. And that's when it hit me. I thought to myself, "Damn, he is really growing up." Like, I knew he was growing up, I mean he gets taller everytime I see him and he doesn't sound like a 12 yr old girl anymore, but I mean he is really growing up. Like, shit is gonna start getting tough for him. This makes me sad because I want things to just stay stress free and care free for him for as long as possible. I don't want him to hafta worry about bills, or hafta work a billion hours a week, or rent, or groceries, or any of that. I just want him to be able to be a kid and have fun forever.
I know it's impossible, but it really made me a little sad. I feel like a parent sometimes.. I want so much for him, all the areas that I fucked up in, I want him to succeed. Sometimes I don't think he grasps exactly how much I love and admire him. He has so much talent, so much potential, so much life to live... I love that kid. He is and will always be my ace. If you're reading this Trevor, I love you more than words can ever explain. Be you, and never change for anyone.



i laughed for about 2 minutes straight when I saw this.


As much as I don't want to admit it, I'm kinda excited about Lil' Wayne beign released today. This whole Drake overload thing was starting to make me nauseous. Welcome back Weezy! Hopefully you've learned your lesson and you don't go and pull a T.I.