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Shoutout to everyone who's been holding me down during this emo/menstrual period of my life. Y'all may not realize it but there have been times where I felt like complete shit (which happens to be quite often as of late) and it seems like right then I'll get a text or a notification of a comment on here that makes shit seem better. It's times like these that show you how beautiful people really are. Even though I've lost hope in women/love/anything with that possesses or closely resembles a vagina, I still have hope in people.

"You're an amazing man. If it's not worth it to her, it shouldn't be worth it to you."
- Natasha

"Don't be hurting all alone. Friends are friends for a reason."
- Kayla

"I love you and I am always here for you. You didn't seem like yourself  today. Praying everything is okay."
- Mom

"I got you, I'll slip you're name in the next time I pray."

"Trent is awesome! Have a great day, I have a feeling that everything will work itself out."
- Erica

"Keep yo' pimp hand strong!"
- Chelsea

"Hey love, I just wanted to let you know I'm here for you."
- Brittany (that playlist is my shit by the way, I love you for that)

".. So basically what I'm saying is I will punch someone in the ovaries for you. Seriously though."
- Camila

"Hope you're feeling a little bit better today!"
- Stephanie

"I be wantin' to punch a hoe for that!"
- Alan

Those were excerpts from a few texts that I received. A special thanks to Symon, Ashley, Junior, and Erica, for taking time out of their day to hear me whine about the same shit I've been whining about for about a month now. I really appreciate you guys. Y'all are what keep my heart beating right now. Thank you to all the anonymous people that have been leaving their thoughts here as well. I've been thinking about the things all of you have said and I really appreciate you guys. I know shit like this doesn't heal overnight but knowing people care really helps along the way.

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