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Take Time To Remember.

 Thank You.

Sometimes I Look at Pictures

of you when you upload new ones on Facebook and I remember how things used to be between us.

How you IM'd me when you never use IM.
Our first kiss.
Texting every single day about absolutely nothing when I hate texts that have no point. 
Drunken dancing at bars.
The night that you came over just to bring me a strawberry milkshake.
Cuddling on the couch with you and barely even knowing who you were.
Shots of Tequila.
Making you breakfast.
Getting pulled over and somehow passing that sobriety test.
Holding hands, something I rarely do.

It all seems so far away now. Like a completely different time in life. I just wish things would have ended better. I wish we could be as close as we once were. Not even in a romantic sense. 

I got so close to you in such a short period of time. And even though I feel like I'm okay with that, there are times when I find myself missing our friendship. I realize that's just as much my fault as it is yours. It's weird how two people can be so different, yet so alike. I think that was what drew me to you. But things changed. I mean.. we're still friends but it's not the same. I don't know if you felt the same way about our friendship or not, maybe I'm trippin'. I don't know if that can ever be recaptured, but I still remember you. I still remember our friendship. Thanks for the memories. Good Luck.



Guess Who's Back?

If you guessed Trent Motherfucking Thompson you are correct. And I got plenty of new material for your bitch ass. Oh you scared? Well it's too late to run. I gave you a whole month to get your shit together.


Get in.
Sit down.
Buckle the fuck up and hold on to your lacefront.
It's time for take off.

This is Beautiful to Me.

"I was at a restaurant with the homie and the waitress brought out the dessert menu. Note, two men should never order dessert while together. There is no pause long enough or no homo powerful enough to cancel that shit out, but I saw that they had cheesecake on the menu so I ordered it to go. Of course I got made fun of, but it wasn’t for me. “She likes when I bring her shit”, is all I said, and this nigga hit me with a, “that’s gay, you all in love nigga”. Really? Me being in love with a woman is gay? Capri shorts are gay. Waking up at 3am to watch the Royal Wedding is gay. Me doing an act of love for my chick is not gay. It was a joke of course, but there is a lot to pull from his comment. Some men shy away from emotional relationships because mentally they think like a 9 year old. This “no girls in the club house, we’re tough boys” mentality, still handicaps dudes, but there comes a point in your life when you have to let go of the young shit."

From Black Girls Are Easy by way of You Ain't Got No Laser.


Can't Wait 'Till Halloween.

"God damn I love bitches, 'specially when they only suck dick and wash dishes."


This Made Me Lol.

Peep the unibrow game. Classic.


Since We've Last Spoken.

- I moved back to Fort Worth from College Station.

- One of my dearest friends, Symon, moved to Los Angeles.

- Tyler, The Creator's "Goblin" album has been released. Review coming soon.

- I got my tickets to the Cudi show in Cedar Park in July.

It's been a bittersweet two weeks.

I'll be in touch soon.


So Many Things

To catch you guys up on.

I gotta get this whole internet situation figured out first though.


We'll speak soon.


If I Could Put it Into Words

how my relationships with the people I "talk to" usually end, it probably read like this:

Hey... This whole thing is starting to feel a little bit too much like a "relationship". I'm not ready for that type of commitment just yet so I'm gonna fall back for a while if thats cool...

Oh no, no it really isn't you. It's just... see, I felt this exact way about another girl once and this is the part where she broke my heart.

I know that's unfair to you but I'd like to completely bypass any possibility of that ever happening again by putting you in "friend mode" instead.

Sure, this will stunt any possibility of a successful relationship in the future, but I'm safe.

It's like my heart is in a display case. You know, like those ones at the museum, with the maroon rope around it? And it's placed perfectly so that you're just close enough to get a good look, but just far enough so you can't touch (or potentially break).

Sure, this will hurt you right now, but it'll save me many sleepless nights in the future. 

Of all the places I've visited in life, Emotional is one state that I'd never like to visit again.

Thanks for your Cooperation,


Osama Bin Laden.

Sidebar: Shoutout to the folks over at Fox News for not knowing how to use spell check.

So, as you all know and have heard by now, Osama Bin Laden is presumably dead. I don't know exactly how I feel about this. On one hand, it does feel kind of good to hear that the guy, who has long been blamed for one of the most devastating attacks on America, is finally dead. I do feel like people who have loved ones who have been fighting in this war, as well as people who have lost someone in the 9/11 disaster can now have some sort of closure and don't deserve to hear all of the "This doesn't change anything" comments, that I've been hearing/seeing everywhere. Let those effected by this have their moment of closure and keep your ignorant words to yourselves.
With that said, there are so many other things that I can't keep from thinking about. A few years ago I saw a documentary called Loose Change that changed the way that I thought not only about the events that took place on 9/11, but the U.S. Government as a whole (If you haven't watched this documentary, you can do so by clicking the link) . In a nutshell, the movie brings into question a lot of things that don't quite add up with the events that happened and even goes as far as to suggest that the whole thing could have been an inside job. It's absolutely hilarious to me that records show that the Bush family was bffs with Bin Laden's family and there was absolutely no question as to whether Bush nor the government was somehow involved with 9/11. But this is the same nation that wanted to call Obama a terrorist because the man didn't want to provide his birth certificate. Funny. Now before you rush to call the idea of 9/11 being an inside job ludicrous, watch the documentary, and watch it with an open and non-biased mind.
While I don't whole heartedly agree with everything in the movie, I do believe that it raises some interesting points. When we watched this in college, I remember my best friend and I both thinking that there was at least some truth to it, while the rest of the class seemed to think that there was no way that America would be capable of doing such a thing and that there was no way that America would ever lie to us.
If you believe both of these things then you have already been lulled to sleep by the government and have fallen victim to what Thomas Jefferson warned us about having a strong central government. Our nation was founded by radicals who not only questioned, but challenged their government. I would like to think that they would like us to continue to do the same thing. Instead, I feel like we as Americans (myself included), have grown lazy in our efforts to think for ourselves. We've become satisfied with what the TV tells us is the truth without questioning or challenging anything that we are told. For example, if President Obama came on TV and told America that we've caught Big Foot and he's in the backyard of the White House, everyone and their mom would want photo or video evidence. By that same token, President Obama came on TV and told America that Osama Bin Laden has been killed and that the "DNA matches" and everyone is perfectly fine with believing this to be true. Where's the logic in that? Now I have been watching CNN and in a news conference they said that more evidence would be released in the next few weeks, but my question is, why do we have to wait a few weeks? Is it really because they want to make sure that "future operations aren't compromised" or are there photos that they have to doctor up? I mean, when Sadaam Hussein was killed, we had video footage in less than 24 hours, but when it comes to Bin Laden, we have to wait weeks for more proof? Just a thought.
One thing that I am happy about about this whole thing, is the fact that there is now one less reason for our troops to be over there and hopefully, we can now start thinking about how to clean things up and get them back home. I personally believe that we're still over there for oil and opium and that we still won't be gone fore some time. God help us all.


Guest Blogger: Eddie.

Note From The Editor:
Every once in a while I'd like to have a guest blogger write here at Scootuhboot. There are a few bloggers, some close personal friends, some bloggers that I have come to know through their literature, that I want to share with you guys. Hopefully I can make this a monthly thing, but we all know how I am about recurring segments. There will be no concept or theme that they will be subject to. I would like them to do whatever it is that they feel they do best. Whatever inspires them.

Name: Eddie.
Site(s): JustNorman.Blogspot.Com | YouAintGotNoLaser.Tumblr.Com | Twitter: @aintgotnolaser
Interesting Fact: Eddie is an ordained minister. Swag.

Back when I first started my blog, I had about a solid three readers. Those readers were MorganSymon and some guy named Eddie. I've known Symon for what seems like forever now. And the only way I knew of Morgan was through a previous Facebook holla gone wrong that was later smoothed into a cordial online friendship (I'll show y'all that later). I didn't know who this Eddie fellow was except for the fact that he had a link that lead to justnorman.blogspot.com. After a few reads I was hooked. The guy's blogspot has an admirable 248 followers and covers everything from fashion (how I found my glasses that are currently sitting atop o' my nose), to music (all amazing finds), to cool video shorts (sure to include hot hipster girls and dope music); all accompanied with a witty, yet eloquent diction. After a few funny comments, mutual interests, and inside jokes, I feel like Eddie is one of my coolest internet compadres. [sidebar: I will hopefully bring him aboard later to discuss the Based God phenomena that has taken the internet by storm.] He has recently started a new blog more for witty one liners and based commentary over on the darkside known as tumblr which you can follow over at youaintgotnolaser.tumblr.com as well as on twitter @aintgotnolaser.
Ladies and Gentlemen, here's Eddie.


The match.com bromance between Trent and I really kicked off due to our mutual love for three things: gifs, Odd Future Wolf Gang, and lil B the Based god. If you've spoken to either him or I, visited one of our many blogger/networking sites, and or stalked our tweets within the last few months, I'm sure you've recognized this. Now if by chance you haven't, you should probably A. get away from that rock you're living under B. find a life and C. start paying attention to the things that we talk about, you're definitely missing out on a lot of inside jokes here [grade A material guys, promise].

Now I don't want to say too much about Wolf Gang or Based god, considering [as mentioned above] that we plan on doing a post on the spectacle of what I like to call, "this new age swag shit,"  but while I'm here, I figured I could at least give you a small glimpse of what we're headed towards, in both visual and audible form of course.

Also, shout outs to Trent for being all gay for me in the intro. BEST INTERNET BRO EVER.

May the swag be with you.