Kendrick Lamar.

I've heard a few songs by Kendrick Lamar over the years and while I have heard him spit a few nice bar every once in a while, I was never really fully sold on dude. I downloaded the mixtape O.D. and I liked a few songs on it, but I still wasn't a real believer yet. Fast forward to July 2, 2011 Section.80 finally drops. My slow ass just started listening to this album about a month ago and I wish I could get into a time machine and go back to July 2nd and kick myself in the face. Dude's amazing. I love that he has an actual message in his music as well as amazing wordplay. And his production has finally caught up to his lyricism. He's like the Compton Lupe. If you haven't copped Section.80 do yourself a favor and scoop a copy asap.

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