Shoutout to True Lies

 I heard this for the first time when I was about 7 watching the movie "True Lies" with my parents. This is probably the most beautiful piece of music I've ever heard. The passion in the violin is amazing. The perfect balance of Power and Grace.


So I'm parking at Target

to get my step-mom a giftcard for my step-mom from the Starbucks that's inside when I see a parking spot that's  super close, which is good because it's colder than a hooker's heart outside, so I proceed forward to park. Then I get up to it, and whaddya know, this bastard of a Dodge Charger is parked like they're in a fucking commercial. All slanted over the solid white line and shit. Like this:

Now from this picture it doesn't really look that bad, but I assure you that they parked so that I couldn't fit in that space. Needless to say, this infuriated me quite a bit. So I did what any mature adult would do. I parked in another space. A further space. And made this sign to place on their windshield:

Did this get me the closer parking spot? No. Did it make me feel better? Yes.


Pharrell's Crib.



Lol at Big Sean tryna act like he really fucks with Soulja Boy.

Music Mondays: Phoenix

To be honest, I don't remember the first time I heard Phoenix's music, I just know that I've always liked it. Their songs are a constant ascension into musical bliss. I am a sucker for epic build ups and they have a shit ton of them. But that's not all. I like the fact that their sound is ever evolving. If you listen to their first album "United", they have more of a Disco sound.
"If I Ever Feel Better" is a perfect example of this.
Their next album "Alphabetical" is nearly an R&B album, but still manages to mix in some of their familiar disco sounds as well. I listened to this CD for about a solid 3 weeks when I first discovered it. My favorites are "Everything is Everything", "Run Run Run" and "Love for Granted".

"It's Never Been Like That" was more of a transition to the organic style of electric music that they are now known for. Think Avatar meets Star Wars. They have these beautiful, very natural sounding guitar strings mixed with light synth sounds that somehow go perfectly together and make for an amazing experience.
If I had to pick three favorites from this album they would be "Consolation Prizes", "Long Distance Call", and "Sometimes in the Fall".

My favorite album though, would definitely be "Wolfgang Amadeus", which also happens to be their most recent album. In my opinion, Phoenix really came into their own with this album. I think that the truely great artists in music are able to take all of the sounds that influence them and culminate them into their own unique sound that is damn near impossible to duplicate. I can honestly say that I have never heard another band that makes music like what I have heard from this album. Every song is a constant build up, you don't know exactly where it's going to peak but you never want the ride to end. I love every song on this album and I listen to it at least once a week. It's very hard for me to pick favorites from this album because I feel like listening to tracks individually, without listening to the album as a whole first, ruins the experience of the piece as a whole. But if I must pick favorites I suppose I would pick "Rome", "Countdown", "Girlfriend", and "Armistice". I picked four I know.

What I love about this band is the unorthodox approach they have for making music.
The lead singer has an amazing range of pitches that he can sing, from albums like "United" where he sings more disco and funky type songs to  "Wolfgang Amadeus" where he sings more airy and free-flowing type songs, he's able to do both with no problem.
The production they have is incredible as well. The sounds and styles that they're able to experiment with and to be able to hit the nail on the head every time without missing is impeccable. There are very few bands that could accomplish this feat with such ease.
I always appreciate artists that are willing to take artistic risks. Willing to re-invent themselves as opposed to remaking the same sound over and over. I love the fact that they made "United" and said, "oh, that worked out quite well", and "BOOM!" they blow it up and start on a new sound to conquer. To me, that is what's missing from most music today. Everyone wants to stick with what's making them money and no one wants to grow. I'll stop here before I get too crazy, but Phoenix definitely has my respect and I will definitely be seeing them live before I die.
  Now that I've killed you with my commentary, here's a little background on Phoenix from our friends over at Wikipedia.

Thank You.

For everything.
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Heeey yooou guuuyz!

Now that I've terrified you.
I've been slacking I know. But I really miss talking to you guys! I've been sooo busy with life and these triflin' ass women the past few days. I'll be back on my shit soon though. BET. I have to go though. I'm pre-gaming with my caucasian compadres, then it's cowboy/indian time.