One Day.

i just want to meet an attractive girl and be like,
"hey, let's date. let's never lie to each other.
let's enjoy the same music. let's have amazing sex.
let's drink wine, and watch movies in bed all day.
let's do thoughtful, meaningful things for each other. 
 let's hold hands. let's make each other feel appreciated.
let's tell each other exactly what we're thinking, when we think it.
let's kiss with our eyes open. let's go to an art museum. 
let's go on spontaneous road trips without one single thing planned.
let's never lie to each other. let's go ice skating. let's have a picnic.
let's go to a concert. let's look at the stars.  let's cook together."
and i'd want her to say, "okay", "i'd love to."


  1. Fan/Frequent ReaderDecember 1, 2011 at 1:55 AM

    Idk whether you wrote "let's not lie to each other" twice, on purpose or not, but either way it fits, because it's the most crucial elelement (other than love) to a relationship.

  2. it may have been done subconciously?

  3. Hey I absolutely love this.. One day it WILL happen for the both of us.