Like Crazy.

I've been saying that I wanted to see this movie for a while. I remember seeing the preview for this movie and thinking that it looked amazing. I've said this before and I'll say it again, there is absolutely no other type of movie that is better than a perfectly executed love story. Real love stories. Not corny or cheesy ones. But love stories that you feel, love stories that provoke thought, love stories that bring out actual emotions that tie to real life experiences. This movie did all of those things. Dare I say that that it took the place of 500 Days of Summer as my all-time favorite movie? I dare indeed. The entire story, from how they met, to how so much of it took place in the bed, all of that... my life. The conversations they have. "Don't think about it", "Did you sleep with anyone while we were apart?", "I miss you.". The part where he leaves his phone on the table. The scene in the shower, where you can tell something changed... Never have has a movie been able to capture my exact feelings with little to no words at all. Absolutely beautiful film. Go see it, it will change your life.

I usually don't shoutout just anyone on the blog without having known them for sometime, but I feel like I've known this person forever now. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the lovely, Nisha.
Nisha is the "voluptuous indian friend" of Camila's that I told you about a few weeks ago on my trip to Austin. It turns out that her folks live pretty close to me and she's in town for a while. Woop woop! Not only did Nisha also go to the Watch the Throne Tour, not only does she enjoy hip-hop as much as I do, but her outlook on music (I'll share that later), and life in general is just as diverse as mine. In the past two weeks I've discovered some of the best music that I've heard and had some of the funniest/deepest/weirdest conversations that I've ever had with a human being. Shoutout to Ninja Nisha, you're dope as fuck.


  1. can we say upgrade?
    where do you find these females bro? sheesh!

  2. Very pretty, she has beautiful teeth.

  3. I liked this movie too! Your new girl is fiiine.

  4. LOL, I don't "find" women, I meet them.
    Nisha is a friend and I'm sure she appreciates the compliment.