as immature and childish as it may seem, i can't bring myself to change my facebook status to "single".
it's like i somehow still live in a time where you and I are still together. every time i get on facebook and look over to the left and see "in a relationship with" it takes me back to a time when things were perfect. nothing else mattered, no one else mattered, we were in our own world. i remember we spent a whole day just laying in bed and clicking "stumble" on stumbleupon. i remember watching Martin alll day while you packed. i remember watching Mavericks playoff games together. i remember taking 3 hours to bake mud pies that should have only taken about 45 minutes to make. i remember using dish soap instead of dish washing detergent to wash dishes. i remember starving all damn day and making chicken quesadillas together. everything was so simple. i guess looking at the words "in a relationship with" is almost like looking through a photo album. remembering the times that i cherished. sometimes i hate that i remember feelings so vividly. i wish there was a delete button. 
but i know it'll fade one day. 


  1. that's quite possibly the most unchildish thing I've heard in a long time. It shows that what you had was real to you, and it's just too hard for you to let it go just yet. I don't knock you at all my man, all you can do is move at your own pace, and if that's what helps you keep livin', do it till it doesn't feel right anymore.