The Great Action Bronson Debacle.

So, the other day I'm on rapradar.com and I see the following picture of a rapper, who goes by the name of Action Bronson.
After seeing this picture of a large bearded rapper, I noticed an uncanny resemblance between Mr Bronson and another large bearded rapper.

So of course, I did what any decent person with a Twitter account would do; I tweeted about it.

Little did I know, Mr. Bronson keeps his ear to the tweets and caught wind of me talkin' greasy.
That's right, Action Bronson retweeted ya boy. At first I was like, did this really just happen? I mean, I didn't even @ dude in my tweet? So of course I knew a few stans would be on their way to defend their leader. Here's what later ensued. (read from bottom to top)

I had about 10-12 Bronson stans at my neck within 5 minutes! It was just as hilarious as it was impressive. I don't know who this @6thBoroBomber guy is but if I ever get in a fight, I want that guy on my side. He wouldn't let this go! I must have went on with him for about five minutes about how this wasn't that serious, but dude wasn't having it! While I admit that I had never listened to any Action Bronson music before saying he was gettin' his Rick Ross on, I honestly didn't mean anything about it. I actually gave dude a listen, and he's pretty nice. Reminds me of Ghostface a little, and I've always fucked with Tony Starks. I assume Bronson saw that his stans were at my neck because I wokeup to the following tweet.

In an attempt to smooth things over, I tweeted Mr. Bronson back the following, to no avail.

I still haven't heard anything back from Action, but if somehow he reads this, I was absolutely, 100% kidding. I don't want it with you or #teambronson. My arms are too short to box with the God. I dig your music and I look forward to hearing more material from you.

Of the few songs that I peeped by Action, this was definitely my favorite. Peep the 1:32 mark and the end of the video to see the big homie work his magic. CLASSIC.

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