Rollercoaster of Emotions.

So about two months ago, the screen on my shitty HP started flickering. No biggie right? I was like
Then about two weeks later, the shit just won't light up at all and i was like
But then, it flickered right back on after like 5 minutes! Then I was like

So everything is fine and about a month ago, I go to turn it on and the screen doesn't even flicker. Then I'm like
So now, instead of blogging and pickin' up alll the cyber hoes, I'm bored out of my mind like
But then I came across this dude who was selling a fucking Macbook Pro for $700, I was hype like
So I call dude 3 days later to buy it and he fucking sold it, I was sick to my stomach like
Another fucking week goes by and I'm trying to keep myself entertained like
Then I found a deal on a regular mac, things were finally looking up! I was like
And now ladies and gentleman, your boy is the owner of a Macbook.


  1. bahahahaha, this nigga trent

    that cudi baby gif never fails. EVER

  2. right? is it too late to vote for greatest GIF of all time?

    PS I need that walking dogsuit GIF in my life asap. Do you still have that one?