Sidebar: I know I posted this song a while ago but I think Kanye's line on this song just might possibly be the hardest verse on the entire album.

And this was a throw-away.

Basking in the 'Lime
Cassius in His Prime.
Colorin' out of the Line.
Cause They don’t want Nobody that’s Colored out of the Line
So I’m late as a Muhfukka; Colored People Time.
Damn Yeezy, They all gotta be Dimes?
Well Adam gave up a Rib so Mine better be Prime.
Niggas gon' kill me? I swear they better be lyin',
I never live in Fear, I’m too out of my Mind,
Primetime, never hit these Heights
I mean it’s like, it’s like our First 1st Class Flight.
I’m trippin’ on it

Socks on Marble Floors, I’m slippin’ on It
Champagne, I’m sippin’ on It
Shit taste different, don’t It?
You know what? You Right.
It’s like the Best Damn Champagne I had in My Life.
“When You coming Home?” That’s a text from my Wife,
I told her, run a bubble bath.
And float in that muhfukka like a Hovercraft.
And soak in that mohfukka till' I call You back.
I mean, Who says shit like that, and doesn’t Laugh? 


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