I Thought We Were Past This.

Every time I have a conversation with a black female and they ask what race my girlfriend is (Columbian and Argentinean if you must know) I get the "ha! typical." look or the remark, "oh, so you don't date black girls" or something close to that statement. This is the answer to your ignorant ass question.
I don't owe an explanation to you, or anyone else, but if you insist on an answer, there's your answer. Why do I date out of my race? Because I can. I've dated black women, white women, mexican women, asian women, brazilian women, italian women, you fucking name it. You do not "own" one race of men. This whole "the white girls are taking our good men" bullshit is retarded. There is more than one type of man. It's called opening your options and not making the same dumb ass decisions that a lot of your mothers made by sticking with one man who a lot of times either didn't stick around after their child was born, beat the shit out of them, or fucked everything with a vagina. If your "claim" is true, that there are no "good black men" then why not make the intelligent decision and go find a good man of a different race? If you like Ford trucks and I tell you that Ford has stopped making trucks, don't go get a Ford Escort dumbass. Look at a Chevy or a Dodge. You can't haul shit with an Escort. I'm tired of seeing my people make excuses for everything. 
Fuck excuses, find a solution.


  1. You're not helping your cause.

    You're knocking black women AND black people.

  2. Well first off, let me commend you on your ability to point out the most obvious of facts. I now promote you from your current position of Colonel Obvious, to that of Captain, Captain Obvious.
    All jokes aside, my only "cause" was to point out what the mindset of the blacks that I have recently encountered. I also provided what I see as the solution. I didn't say that this would end all issues within the African American community, nor did I say that it is something that you have to accept as your way of thinking. If you call that "knocking" black people and black women, then I suppose I knocked this one right out the park.
    What is your solution oh might Anonymous one?

  3. You're "cause" was to justify your preference and present yourself as an equal-opportunity dater.

    Instead you stereotype all black women as having attitude problems, and in essence say they're jealous. You put yourself on a pedestal and not only condemn them, but their mothers also?

    My solution is to simply admit that you dont like black girls as much as other races. Thats not hurtful, not bad, not racist. Just true, and alot more honest than the unfocused rant above.

  4. 1) I don't have to "justify" myself to anyone. Especially someone who doesn't have the balls to post their name.
    2) If you read carefully, you would see that I said MOST women. Which means MOST of the black women that I've spoken to. Seeing as I was the person who spoke to them, I'm pretty sure I can decipher if they had an attitude problem or not.
    3) "In essence you say they're jealous"? How did I say they're jealous? I don't put myself on a "pedestal", I simply state things the way I see them. If not being ignorant or judgmental of the races other people choose to date is "putting myself on a pedestal" then so be it.
    4) I don't know if you know this or not but I have two grandmothers that are black as well as family that is black and friends that are black. I have a first hand account of mothers that were dumb enough to allow a man to beat and cheat on them and still stick around. So yes, I can call out mothers too. What I'm saying is that this mentality that we have to "stay within our race" is passed down from generation to generation.
    5) As for your "solution" if I didn't like black girls I wouldn't date them. And I definitely wouldn't have a problem admitting it. If you know me like you "think" you do, you would know that I don't discriminate and never have when it comes to race. How are you going to tell someone what they feel when you don't even know that person? I suggest that you find another blog to loiter and accept the fact that people have the right to their own opinion. If the above is your opinion of me, that's fine, I'm not here to change that. I do however, find it quite comical that someone with such bold words can't muster up the courage to type their name, and would rather hide behind the curtain on anonymity. I hope that you find a better way to use your time than taking two weeks to come up with a rebuttal to blog entries.

    Have a Great Day Anonymous.

  5. Ive had two gay black women turn and point at me and my girlfriend as if we were the ones that were out of order. Ive had white men turn and say now if he can get her then what the hell is wrong with me...lol. It doesnt really bother me much other then when its someone of my own race trying to make it seem like Im totally lost as a black man. People try to label to fast, most black women im cool with eventually tell me "Roman when I first saw you I thought you were stuck up. Now that I know you you just a regular nigga." It sucks that as a race in general some of us feel we have to dress talk or be a certain way to feel accepted. ITS NOT AGAINST THE LAW TO PULL YOU PANTS UP BEFORE THE AGE OF 30.