Austin Weekend.

This past weekend was Nisha's big birthday celebration in Austin. Lots of fun was had, lots or drinks were drank, and lots of food was eaten. I met her cousins and her sister who were all just as funny as she is and I got to see my usual Austin crew. If I moved back to Austin tomorrow, it wouldn't be soon enough.

Nisha and I have this elaborate inside joke about the Minions from Despicable Me, so instead of a birthday cake, I made her Birthday Minion cupcakes. They were really fun and really easy to make. 
Of course I stopped by Torchy's. Nom.

I wish I would've taken my camera, but of course I left it behind, as I do with all my best adventures.


  1. y'all are cute together :)

  2. fuck, is she single?

  3. LOL. such a great weekend, that inconspicuous picture. come back dun son.