Remember That Suit

That I kept talking about? Remember I wouldn't shut the fuck up about it? Here it is.
G-Shit right? Shoutout to Kathy for the picture. My pants weren't that tight though. It's always something.

Anyway, I bought this suit for a wedding. And not just any wedding, but my bestfriend's sister's wedding. She and her now hubby have been together since sophomore year of high school, and finally after all these years, and after they both finished college, they finally tied the knot. This was by far the best wedding that I've been to for many reasons. But what stuck out most is being able to look around and see all of these couples that have been married for so long, come together to welcome a new couple into the fraternity of marriage. It really is a beautiful thing. Here's some of the magic that was captured on that day.

My homie Junior is fourth from the front.
The Handsome Groom.
The Beautiful Bride.


  1. beautiful! i love their rangers cake. they look so happy congrats to them!!

  2. AWESOME! She is so beautiful.

  3. Very nice suite, the color looks nice on you.