If I Could Put it Into Words

how my relationships with the people I "talk to" usually end, it probably read like this:

Hey... This whole thing is starting to feel a little bit too much like a "relationship". I'm not ready for that type of commitment just yet so I'm gonna fall back for a while if thats cool...

Oh no, no it really isn't you. It's just... see, I felt this exact way about another girl once and this is the part where she broke my heart.

I know that's unfair to you but I'd like to completely bypass any possibility of that ever happening again by putting you in "friend mode" instead.

Sure, this will stunt any possibility of a successful relationship in the future, but I'm safe.

It's like my heart is in a display case. You know, like those ones at the museum, with the maroon rope around it? And it's placed perfectly so that you're just close enough to get a good look, but just far enough so you can't touch (or potentially break).

Sure, this will hurt you right now, but it'll save me many sleepless nights in the future. 

Of all the places I've visited in life, Emotional is one state that I'd never like to visit again.

Thanks for your Cooperation,


  1. wahh i am the exact same way.

  2. You and me both Trizzy. Seriously, reading this made me think you snuck a peek into my love life (or lack thereof). It's the worst, and people tell me all the time that I'm gonna regret being this way... But I'm in a constant state of IDGAF.