Guest Blogger: Eddie.

Note From The Editor:
Every once in a while I'd like to have a guest blogger write here at Scootuhboot. There are a few bloggers, some close personal friends, some bloggers that I have come to know through their literature, that I want to share with you guys. Hopefully I can make this a monthly thing, but we all know how I am about recurring segments. There will be no concept or theme that they will be subject to. I would like them to do whatever it is that they feel they do best. Whatever inspires them.

Name: Eddie.
Site(s): JustNorman.Blogspot.Com | YouAintGotNoLaser.Tumblr.Com | Twitter: @aintgotnolaser
Interesting Fact: Eddie is an ordained minister. Swag.

Back when I first started my blog, I had about a solid three readers. Those readers were MorganSymon and some guy named Eddie. I've known Symon for what seems like forever now. And the only way I knew of Morgan was through a previous Facebook holla gone wrong that was later smoothed into a cordial online friendship (I'll show y'all that later). I didn't know who this Eddie fellow was except for the fact that he had a link that lead to justnorman.blogspot.com. After a few reads I was hooked. The guy's blogspot has an admirable 248 followers and covers everything from fashion (how I found my glasses that are currently sitting atop o' my nose), to music (all amazing finds), to cool video shorts (sure to include hot hipster girls and dope music); all accompanied with a witty, yet eloquent diction. After a few funny comments, mutual interests, and inside jokes, I feel like Eddie is one of my coolest internet compadres. [sidebar: I will hopefully bring him aboard later to discuss the Based God phenomena that has taken the internet by storm.] He has recently started a new blog more for witty one liners and based commentary over on the darkside known as tumblr which you can follow over at youaintgotnolaser.tumblr.com as well as on twitter @aintgotnolaser.
Ladies and Gentlemen, here's Eddie.


The match.com bromance between Trent and I really kicked off due to our mutual love for three things: gifs, Odd Future Wolf Gang, and lil B the Based god. If you've spoken to either him or I, visited one of our many blogger/networking sites, and or stalked our tweets within the last few months, I'm sure you've recognized this. Now if by chance you haven't, you should probably A. get away from that rock you're living under B. find a life and C. start paying attention to the things that we talk about, you're definitely missing out on a lot of inside jokes here [grade A material guys, promise].

Now I don't want to say too much about Wolf Gang or Based god, considering [as mentioned above] that we plan on doing a post on the spectacle of what I like to call, "this new age swag shit,"  but while I'm here, I figured I could at least give you a small glimpse of what we're headed towards, in both visual and audible form of course.

Also, shout outs to Trent for being all gay for me in the intro. BEST INTERNET BRO EVER.

May the swag be with you.

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