Since you've been gone I've been having withdrawals 
You were such a habit to call 
I ain't myself at all had to tell myself naw 
She's better with some fella with a regular job 
I didn't wanna get her involved 
By dinner Mr. Benjamin was sittin' in awe 
Hops into my car drove far 
Far's too close and I remember, my memories no sharp - 
Butter knife, what a life, anyway 
I'm building y'all a clock stop 
What am I Hemingway 
She had the kind of body that would probably intimidate 
Any of 'em that were un-southern 
Not me cousin 
If models are made for modelin', thick girls are made for cuddlin' 
Switch worlds and we can huddle then 
Who needs another friend 
I need to hold your hand 
You'd need no other man 
We'd flee to other lands 

peace of mind was the best present i could have received today. thank You.

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