This Weekend

Was fun. Here's a list of things I did:
- Bought flowers for a girl (a girl I'm NOT related to, lol).
- Made dinner (for the same girl).
- Watched one of my top 3 favorite movies, Up in The Air.
- Went to Six Flags.
- Ate Sushi.
- Hungout with good friends.

I feel like this tweet sums up how my life is right now. I'm slowly dusting off a way of thinking that I shoved deep in the cabinet of my soul. I'm not saying that I ever just flat out treated girls like shit, but I would let you know your role and if you were okay with that (which a shocking number of women are) then you got a spot on the bench. If not, you were put back into the pool of free agents. No hard feelings.
It's nice to be able to finally find someone who fits the description that you've always had.  It's nice when you no longer have to force people into the molds that you want them to fit. There are times where you want a someone to be that person so bad but you know that for whatever reason, they're just not. That's no knock on anyone else who has played a role in my life, but I'm human, we all are, and as humans our views and ideals on our potential mate are always changing. If I have offended, or hurt anyone along the way, I sincerely apologize. Know that I've been very honest, very up front and I've tried to minimize any potential damage. It's nice to have genuine feelings for someone. To actually like seeing their face the next morning. To be able to call or text and have conversations about everything, or about nothing. That's about as mushy as I care to get, but I guess what I'm trying to say is, as much as it scares the shit out of me that I am about to hand the keys to my emotions over to someone, it excites me just as much. If things don't work out, no matter how much I may try to hide it, no matter how much I will act like I don't care, deep down inside, I will. And as much as I hate that, the possibility of that very thing, that's what life is about. That's how you know you're alive. Sacrificing yourself to every possible emotion, not just the good ones. I feel like once we come to realize that: That's when we truly mature.
Enough with the inspirational, life reflection bullshit. Here are a few pics that sum up my weekend.

I dunno why I felt like this needed to be documented but I found a siamese m&m that looked like a nutsack.
He never smiles.
 I swear we rode more rides than this.
 Sushiyaa in Arlington. $10 all you can eat sushi. uhfuckingmazing.

Watch The Throne is currently in rotation, I'm trying to do this 3 way review with some cyberhomies, we'll see how that goes.

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