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I've been mad lazy busy lately.

About two weeks ago I went to see Kid Cudi in Austin for my bestfriend Junior's birthday. Man, what a show. Here are a few pics I got.

I had the pleasure of attending Kid Cudi’s “Cud Life” Tour in Austin, TX and I am convinced that there are very few performers that rival the show that Scott Mescudi put on. From the opening track “Scott Mescudi vs. The World” to arguably his most popular song “Pursuit if Happiness” Cudi commanded the attention and directed the crowd with the same passion and ease of a maestro conducting an orchestra. Though Kid Cudi doesn’t have the fan base of hip-hop heavy weights like Jay-Z or Kanye West, I feel that works in his favor. The crowd at a Kid Cudi concert is much more concentrated. You could tell that every person was a real fan. The entire time it felt as if you actually knew him just like it felt he actually knew you. A Kanye West Concert might give you the feeling like you just saw the greatest play of your life. It’s an event. A Kid Cudi concert feels like you just had the most intense mash-up of deep conversations and crazy parties with a close personal friend. It was refreshing to be able to attend a concert where an artist can go through as much, if not more, mixtape material as album material and the entire crowd sing along without missing a beat. It was amazing to me to see how Kid Cudi has come full circle from a kid who at one time had a little too much stage presence, doing everything short of physically pulling people out of their seats, to having to actually ask the crowd to quit cheering his name so that he could actually deliver a closing speech. It’s great to see a Kid Named Cudi make the transformation to a man named Scott Mescudi.

My review, along with two others can be read over at TheInLink.

sidebar: There was a point in the concert where Cudi did a cover of "Hey Joe" by Jimi Hendrix. This was by far my favorite part because aside from "Along the Watchtower" this is by far my favorite Jimi Hendrix song. Here's a clip.


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