I'm Sure You've All Seen It By Now.

The most expensive low-budget video ever made.
There are so many reasons I love this video. This video to me is what present-day rap videos lack. Fun. Yeah, part of the hip-hop culture is nice cars, nice clothes, and even nicer bitches, but it's often done in a chauvinist and ignorant manner.
I love the fact that this video so beautifully marries the two ideas that Jay-Z and Kanye represent. When you think of a car that represents Jay-Z, you think of a Maybach. Hell, the guy is practically the reason most black people even know what the fuck a Maybach is. When you think of a car that represents Kanye, you think of a DeLorean. So what do you do when Jay-Z wants to have a Maybach and Kanye wants to have a DeLorean in the same video? Turn Jay-Z's Maybach into Kanye's DeLorean of course. Brilliant. Did you see how they put the grill in the back and the trunk in the front? And the fire from the back? Tough. You don't do that to a car that's rented for a video. That Maybach was purchased for the sole purpose of reconstruction. How much does a Maybach cost? Click here and knock yourself out. And the best part? The Maybach is going to be auctioned and the proceeds go to the East African Drought Disaster. How can you be mad at that?
I also love the fact that this video is the exact opposite of what anyone expected from a Kanye West or a Jay-Z video. This video is easily Kanye's least creative video to date. Point blank. This video is also Jay-Z's least "coolest" video to date. And that's why it's brilliant. If you told me that Kanye West was going to have a video where he's driving a car around in circles with bad bitches in the back, I would tell you that you are fucking crazy and politely escort you to my front door where I would toss your ass Jazzy Jeff style out of my house. If you told me that Jay-Z was going to release a video where he's cheesing it up, actually laughing, and that Aziz Ansari would be shucking and jiving beside him, I would probably laugh until I pissed myself. After a shower I would then toss your ass out of my house in the same manner as mentioned previously. What I'm saying is, Jay and Kanye did the unexpected. They did the anti-cool and it worked because you can see that there was a genuine chemistry and that these are two artists who are actually friends having a fucking blast. There was no stunt driver. There was no truck with cameras pulling the car to give the effect that Kanye was driving the car. These niggas were driving a paid for Maybach with no seatbelts, Kanye hitting about 90, Jay with a Freddy Krueger glove with his hand out the window and bad bitches in eachother's laps laughing it up. It's like seeing Michael Jordan play horse at your local park. When does that ever happen? Never.
The last reason I love this video is the fact that this video shit on hip-hop video by the mere fact that not once did they take themselves seriously. Jay is in a snapback, a white v-neck, some jeans and some fly ass Nike dunks. 'Ye is in a white button down, some skinny jeans, and some dope ass Jordans. Sure he has some fancy wrist wear but what else did you expect? He even had his gold chain tucked away in his shirt just to show you he could've stunted even harder, but he didn't.

I'll shut up now, I just wanted to explain all the things that I saw in this video that made it brilliant. I know there are a lot of people that saw this video and thought it was stupid, or a little plain, but sometimes less is more. "Sophisticated Ignorance" at it's best.

I haven't heard the album yet because I'm waiting to receive it as one of my late birthday presents but I'll have a review later than sooner.

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