Earlier this week, the "Mercy" video hit the interwebz and as with anything that's dropped by Kanye West, everyone had their opinion about it. I absolutely loved it. The obvious route here would be to have all of the featured artists zipping and zooming up and down a Miami highway in assorted colors of Lamborghini Murcielagos, throwing fistfuls of cash out the window with big booty bitches making it clap atop the hood. But that's already been done, (I see you Hov!) and the last time Kanye did a video we expected for one of his songs, we got this. It should be clear by now that Kanye is at his best when there are no expectations and he has a blank canvas to work with.

That being said, I thought "Mercy" was  a great video. I liked the black and white contrast but I feel like the striped walls and beams are what really brings the video together. The black/white with the 360 camera and the rhythmic chant of the chorus hypnotize the viewer. I also dug the wardrobe. One thing I admire about Kanye is his confidence/willingness to take risks where most other artists (especially hip-hop artists) wouldn't. Who else would be like, "Ayo let's take them Mummy Returns jernts and swag 'em out." Now before you answer that question, I already know what you're going to say. I know Cam and Kels did something similar to that back in '03 but let's be serious, that wasn't the same thing. If you would have ever told me that I would want to park my Jetta in my garage and dance around it dressed as an Arabian ninja after watching this video, I would've never believed you. But, after watching this video, I instantly searched eBay for a Louis Vuitton keffiyeh to accompany my leather jacket and all black Timbs. All jokes aside, I really enjoyed the way that each costume was tailored to each artists style. Kanye's was of course the flashiest, while artists like Pusha T opted for a leather jacket and a skully.

Even if you didn't appreciate this video from an artistic standpoint, I think one thing we can all agree on is the dynamic of GOOD Music as a unit is entertaining to watch on camera. I will admit, after I heard that Kanye signed 2 Chainz, I wasn't exactly sure how he would fit in with the rest of the GOOD crew. I mean, sure the move made cents, but I wasn't sure that it actually made sense. Of course 2 Chainz is arguably the hottest rapper in the game right now. He's on everyone's single and one everyone's iPod. The guy is everywhere. But when I think of GOOD, I think Rosewood. A bunch of young, fly, well dressed niggas that can spit. While 2 Chainz doesn't exactly fit that bill, Kanye is a master mechanic when it comes to putting a bunch of random pieces into a vehicle and making it run perfectly. 2 Chainz is to GOOD Music, what Dennis Rodman was the '95 Bulls. He goes against everything GOOD music stands for, yet he's the perfect mix of ignorance and brazenness bring together a song like "Mercy".

This video did exactly what it was made to do; It made a statement. GOOD music has quietly assembled one of the most eclectic rosters in music, and with Kanye at the helm getting his Jordan on, it's definitely going to be a Cruel Summer.

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