I Always Love It.

When couples take pictures and you can sense the genuine care between the two people. If there's one thing I hate, it's couples that force these "deep passionate" kisses and cheesy "baby lets take a cute picture to post to facebook" pictures. I don't know Binh that well but we've hungout on a few occasions and he's always been a cool person to me, and he dresses cool as fuck. If I had to be full Asian, I'd be Binh. He's a cool looking motherfucker. I've never met his girlfriend but every time I see a picture of them on my timeline the 16yr old girl inside me can't help but "awe" a little inside. They compliment each other really well and everything about them seems very genuine. Of course, I could be completely wrong and they could just be really good picture takers, but I doubt it. Hats off to my boy Binh and his girl, you guys are a beautiful couple.

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