The Barbershop Adventures.

Sometime last week I went to go get my haircut at the local barbershop that I've been going to since I moved back to Ft. Worth. I've gotten my haircut there twice, by different people both times. The first guy did the best job, the second guy was good as well but I still liked the first barber more. This being my third time, I planned on getting my haircut by barber number one. Once I get there, to my surprise, neither barber number one, nor barber number two are present. Instead, there was a lone barber. One I'd never seen before. This fellow was a dark skinned brother with a clean shaven face and an inch long ponytail. He said he was "new" and that he was the only barber in the mornings. My gut instinct told me to turn and walk away. But I knew I wouldn't have time to get my haircut any other day of the week. So, I sat in the chair, and this is happened after that:

Needless to say, I've been walking around with a sub-par haircut for about a week now and I will never ever ever again get my haircut by Uncle Ruckus. Even if I'm in a rush. There are just some rules that can never be broken. Every black man knows that there's two people that you don't get your haircut by:
1) the new guy
2) the guy with no one in his chair.
I did both. I can only be mad at myself.

Live and Learn.

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  1. I had this happen to me 2 months ago. I considered gong bald. Promise he cut a half and inch off my edge all the way around my head. When I got home I just stood infront of the mirror with my lips stuck out looking like a 5 year old that just got told that he wasnt somebodys friend anymore.