Never believe me when I say that I have bad nosebleeds. They're terrible. Sometimes scary. And as weird/creepy as this may sound, I sometimes think they're beautiful. It's almost like the drops are falling in slow motion. Little red raindrops. And when they hit the water, they turn into little red jellyfish. Gyrating through the water, until they dissolve.

 Now that I've convinced you that I'm a serial killer, I'll shut up about my fixation with blood.And yes, I've gone to the doctor about this. They say it happens when the air gets dry and the only way to stop it is to get my nose cauterized which entails getting a piping hot rod shoved up my nose to fuse the blood vessels so that they no longer bleed. I'm a big baby and do not enjoy hot objects up my nose so I will continue to have nasal miscarriages for the rest of my life. 

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